Sergio Ricardo Bellido

Mechanical Engineer

Major in Mechanical Design





My career is a journey throught the never-ending and fascinating world of the engineering and science. The feeling when the first lines on the notebook becomes a real machine or devices is hardly to transmit in a C.V., and also how is the professional scope in the moment to solve issues.   

Its amazing how the links between scatered knowledges come together into real world solutions. The clue is listen to everybody, in special whom has the experience in the workshop or the field. There is not more accurate eye to judge a method or device than the person who deal with it, and I always keep these teachings alive.

My works consist in gather these real-world wisdom and join it with new technologies such as programs or methods sometimes coming for others fields of the engineering, which haven't been applied only because has been ignored.

The engineer result an advisor, looking for better ways whitin the companies keeping their own identities and personalities but focusing the resources in a new and more profitable practice.

Everything may change for the best, and the fast pace of the technology becomes mandatory for the industry in order to survive. My job is do it at the lower cost possible delivering quality in the agreed time.



Nationality: Argentinian & Italian

Location: Mendoza, Argentina


Phone: +54-9-261-6924444

Skype: sergio.r.bellido